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What Are Cylindrical Lenses and Where Can You Buy Them Custom-made?

If you have bought a piece of equipment that has cylindrical lenses listed as the lenses you should use with it, you are probably wondering what they are and if you can buy them custom-made?

After all, you will need to have cylindrical lenses the exact size the equipment requires, or they will not work correctly.

What are cylindrical lenses? -- A typical Cylindrical Lens is curved, and focuses the light in a line instead of in a point.

These types of lenses are usually used in various types of microscope.

Can you buy them custom-made? -- Just like any other type of lens, cylindrical lenses can be bought pre-manufactured or custom-made. It all depends on the size of lens you need, and the strength of each lens.

Mant manufacturers will be able to make custom-made cylindrical lenses, but it does usually all depend on the price as to where you order.

Ordering from Asian lens manufacturers -- If price is important when ordering custom-made cylindrical lenses, your best bet is to start looking online for Asian companies that can manufacture them for you.

While companies in countries like Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and Vietnam can make cylindrical lenses at lower prices than in the west, lens manufacturers in China are often the popular choice.

This is generally due to their long background of manufacturing high quality lenses, and the fact that the prices they charge are still low.

When you also consider the lenses they make are all manufactured in high-tech facilities, and are then tested in clean labs, you will end up with the same quality as from a western company, but cheaper.

You will find many of these Chinese companies online. Contact them via email or their site's contact form, and ask for a free quote.


Five Things to Expect When Buying Cylindrical Lens From a Chinese Manufacturer


If you have not bought cylindrical lens from a Chinese manufacturer before, here are five things you can expect once you do.

Exceptional customer service -- Many of the top Chinese lens manufacturers have English speaking staff that has been trained overseas. This means you will usually get superb customer service, and with no possibility of a language barrier.

Extremely affordable cylindrical lens orders -- Placing an order for cylindrical lenses will become even more pleasurable once you realize how much money you will be saving by ordering from a Chinese manufacturer.

Superb quality control -- Every order that goes through one of the larger Chinese lens manufacturer's goes through quality control. This means your lenses are tested for any problems long before they are even packed to be shipped to you. 

The quality control is also carried out by highly-trained professionals. Some of whom were also trained in Europe or the United States.

Fast creation of custom prototypes -- If you will be placing a custom order for your cylindrical lens, you should receive the prototype for your lenses extremely quickly.

This is because many of the larger Chinese lens manufacturers have a workforce that works around the clock, and so can often deliver prototypes much faster than you may expect from a European or American company. 

Extremely fast manufacturing -- Even though every order that goes through one of the main Chinese lens manufacturers will be tested to be sure the manufacturing quality is sound, your lens order will still be made and shipped quickly. 

In fact, in some cases, you may be surprised to learn your Cylindrical Lens order that is coming from China may just arrive at your own company faster than it would have coming from a U.S. manufacturer.

How a Cylindrical Lens Needs to Focus Light Differently


When people think of lenses they usually only think of the round types used for cameras or telescopes. The fast is, there are a lot of different types of optical lenses. The shape of a lens not only needs to fit into the shape of the opening of the device it will be used with, it also needs to refract or focus light in a certain manner.

A cylindrical lens focuses light in a way that allows it to become a line rather than a single point. The degree at which the lens focuses the light depends on the curvature of the face located on one or both sides.

Vis ion Correction Lenses

One of the common uses for a Cylindrical Lens is in the construction of eyeglasses. Since the lens is not spherical in shape it is used to correct ocular astigmatism. This is because the condition itself is caused by an irregular curvature of the eye.

A professional lens manufacturing company such as Shanghai Optics, could create a cylindrical lens according to any optometrist's specifications. It is important to make sure the curve of the lens is exact in order to provide an individual with the necessary correction for their vis ion.

Additional uses for Cylindrical Lenses

This particular type of lens could be used in any device that needs to expand the line of light. It is one that can be commonly found in devices used for detection such as bar code scanners. It could also be used in computers or holographic lighting.

The way the lens focuses the light passing through it allows for the size of an image to be changed to better meet the needs of the device it is used in. For this reason a full-service lens manufacturing company should be capable of creating both plano-convex and plano-concave cylindrical lenses.


Cylindrical Lens Made By Professional And Quality Companies


Producing the right lens for your eyeglasses is essential for quality. One of the many used lenses is the Cylindrical Lens. This type of lens is a pinpoint linear line of light, which allows the users to see clearer as well as an unaltered directional line of sight. Astigmatism is one of the common reasons that some people may require Cylindrical Lenses.

It is made with a non-spherical lens that ultimately helps reduce orbicular abnormalities and in turn, helps the user have a function of basic and simple magnification. This type of lens is not only used in eyeglasses but also with scanning, bar code reading, lasers, and computers allowing the images to magnify and increase with sharper qualities.

Only the best companies that understand the intensity behind having these features can create the Cylindrical Lens for consumers. It takes precise inspection and perfect execution to create this style of lens. They are complex as well as custom-made for each product that requires such perfection.

Optical engineering is something that is highly sought after because the technology is not easy to perform, it takes a lot of time and dedication to perfect the process; however, there are a few reputable companies that can create a cylindrical lens that is worth discussing and investigating. A company that can create this lens is precise and can provide the right documents for any type of inspection that is required.

A quality company can also create requested products that have infrared and ultraviolet glass materials included in the lens. They can create products that are fan-shaped as well as fl at. When you find a company that is capable of producing all of these styles and requirements, then that would be a quality company to trust.

Therefore, the next time you are interested in looking into a cylindrical lens and what it can provide for you, look at some high-end quality and professional companies that produce similar materials as mentioned as well as having the support to back them up, and you will be on the right path of accomplishing your goals.


The Importance of Precision Engineering for Cylindrical Lens Design


There are a lot of devices used both professionally and personally that contain optical lenses. The shape of an optical lens will depend on what its purpose or function is meant to be. A cylindrical lens is generally used to bring objects into focus. Although the name of this type of lens suggests it refers to the outer edge, it actually refers to the surf ace or surf aces of the lens itself. It is the surf ace of a Cylindrical Lens that is made to process the light coming through it into a single axis or line for the device.

Uses for Cylindrical Lenses

Since the surf ace of this type of lens can bring light into a single line it could be used as a way of directing a laser beam. This means the lens could be used in a variety of applications ranging from medical surgery to commercial engraving. Since the uses of a cylindrical lens could vary drastically, it is important to have it manufactured to exact specifications. In this instance the curvature of one or both surf aces would need to be precise in order to direct light in the manner intended.

Precision Optics

An experienced manufacturer of precision optics should be capable of designing both concave and convex lenses. In addition to the uses it has in directing laser be ams, a cylindrical lens could also be used to correct the vis ion issues connected with astigmatism. In this instance the specifications for the lens would indicate the strength of power needed to correct this condition. This would need to be done on an individual basis. In order to better service the needs of their clients, a professional lens manufacturer such as Shanghai Optics could offer customized lens design. Optical lens customization could also be used to create cylindrical lenses for microscope objectives.