Cylindrical Lens

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How a Cylindrical Lens Needs to Focus Light Differently


When people think of lenses they usually only think of the round types used for cameras or telescopes. The fast is, there are a lot of different types of optical lenses. The shape of a lens not only needs to fit into the shape of the opening of the device it will be used with, it also needs to refract or focus light in a certain manner.

A cylindrical lens focuses light in a way that allows it to become a line rather than a single point. The degree at which the lens focuses the light depends on the curvature of the face located on one or both sides.

Vis ion Correction Lenses

One of the common uses for a Cylindrical Lens is in the construction of eyeglasses. Since the lens is not spherical in shape it is used to correct ocular astigmatism. This is because the condition itself is caused by an irregular curvature of the eye.

A professional lens manufacturing company such as Shanghai Optics, could create a cylindrical lens according to any optometrist's specifications. It is important to make sure the curve of the lens is exact in order to provide an individual with the necessary correction for their vis ion.

Additional uses for Cylindrical Lenses

This particular type of lens could be used in any device that needs to expand the line of light. It is one that can be commonly found in devices used for detection such as bar code scanners. It could also be used in computers or holographic lighting.

The way the lens focuses the light passing through it allows for the size of an image to be changed to better meet the needs of the device it is used in. For this reason a full-service lens manufacturing company should be capable of creating both plano-convex and plano-concave cylindrical lenses.