Cylindrical Lens

High Precision Optical Components

The Importance of Precision Engineering for Cylindrical Lens Design


There are a lot of devices used both professionally and personally that contain optical lenses. The shape of an optical lens will depend on what its purpose or function is meant to be. A cylindrical lens is generally used to bring objects into focus. Although the name of this type of lens suggests it refers to the outer edge, it actually refers to the surf ace or surf aces of the lens itself. It is the surf ace of a Cylindrical Lens that is made to process the light coming through it into a single axis or line for the device.

Uses for Cylindrical Lenses

Since the surf ace of this type of lens can bring light into a single line it could be used as a way of directing a laser beam. This means the lens could be used in a variety of applications ranging from medical surgery to commercial engraving. Since the uses of a cylindrical lens could vary drastically, it is important to have it manufactured to exact specifications. In this instance the curvature of one or both surf aces would need to be precise in order to direct light in the manner intended.

Precision Optics

An experienced manufacturer of precision optics should be capable of designing both concave and convex lenses. In addition to the uses it has in directing laser be ams, a cylindrical lens could also be used to correct the vis ion issues connected with astigmatism. In this instance the specifications for the lens would indicate the strength of power needed to correct this condition. This would need to be done on an individual basis. In order to better service the needs of their clients, a professional lens manufacturer such as Shanghai Optics could offer customized lens design. Optical lens customization could also be used to create cylindrical lenses for microscope objectives.