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What Are Cylindrical Lenses and Where Can You Buy Them Custom-made?

If you have bought a piece of equipment that has cylindrical lenses listed as the lenses you should use with it, you are probably wondering what they are and if you can buy them custom-made?

After all, you will need to have cylindrical lenses the exact size the equipment requires, or they will not work correctly.

What are cylindrical lenses? -- A typical Cylindrical Lens is curved, and focuses the light in a line instead of in a point.

These types of lenses are usually used in various types of microscope.

Can you buy them custom-made? -- Just like any other type of lens, cylindrical lenses can be bought pre-manufactured or custom-made. It all depends on the size of lens you need, and the strength of each lens.

Mant manufacturers will be able to make custom-made cylindrical lenses, but it does usually all depend on the price as to where you order.

Ordering from Asian lens manufacturers -- If price is important when ordering custom-made cylindrical lenses, your best bet is to start looking online for Asian companies that can manufacture them for you.

While companies in countries like Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and Vietnam can make cylindrical lenses at lower prices than in the west, lens manufacturers in China are often the popular choice.

This is generally due to their long background of manufacturing high quality lenses, and the fact that the prices they charge are still low.

When you also consider the lenses they make are all manufactured in high-tech facilities, and are then tested in clean labs, you will end up with the same quality as from a western company, but cheaper.

You will find many of these Chinese companies online. Contact them via email or their site's contact form, and ask for a free quote.